Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two Down, Two to Go

So I got out my first two applications already, I am very satisfied with them. I think the essays were very strong, thanks to countless hours spent on them and some editting by some family. Amazingly I was within all the limits (well within 5%). I am well on the way with the next application, and hope to finish it by the weekend so I can just check for spelling and grammar. All the essays are done and have gone through a bunch of drafts already...they are out for review right now.

Luckily, after the first app, my resume was exactly where I want it so it just needs to get uploaded and the transcripts are all self reported (amazingly three schools all used the same form so I could copy and paste). So other than the essays the applications are much easier. Same holds true for the recommendations...thankfully both my recommenders have gotten my recs in on time. Having heard more than a few horror stories this was my biggest worry. I am not a fan of not being in control of my whole application but they have come through.

I have my first two interviews scheduled already. I have a new suit and shoes all set for that too. I haven't prepped at all for my interviews though, which I am hoping to have time to do. I am confident I could wing it if I had to but I definitely prefer being prepared. Having a very clear career goal, knowing exactly why I need an MBA, and how my background plays a factor will make the interview a little more pleasant. I have visitted or will visit the schools before interviewing, so I can talk about why that school with clarity.