Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well I got a call from Northwestern this evening, I have been accepted to the Kellogg class of 2010. I read this morning that they were releasing acceptances, when I emailed my wife about it...she told me not to even worry about it for another month. I got home at the usual time, took my dog out for a walk and when I got home there was a message from an unknown number on my cell phone which I left on the kitchen counter. I never thought it would be Kellogg.

Its not even December and I already have my first acceptance. Its an amazing feeling. Just six short months ago I was studying for the GMAT and now I have an acceptance to an M7 school. When all this started I never pictured myself going to any ultra elite school and now here I am.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

B-School Update R1 done...on to R2

I got #3 out on time, recs included but I have decided not to go for school #4 for R1, am now even debating it at all. As much as I like the school, Mrs. Riverripper wouldn't have much in the way of job opportunities. She is already giving up a lot to allow me to do this, so I think it would be unfair for her. With this thought, I am seriously reevaluating my school choices for R2. I think I have decided against NYU, as much as we like the idea of living in NY, the cost of living is crazy compared to pretty much everywhere else.

Well I completed one interview already for school #2. It went fairly well but I wish I could have talked more about post grad career goals. We basically blew right past that part in only a few minutes. In more exciting and telling news I got an interview invite from school #1. This is a good sign, besides meaning I wont be dinged next week, it also means that my application is strong enough to get me to the half way point. #1 has a 50/50 chance of acceptance once you get an interview, which is much better than the original 25% or so chance. #3 releases interviews starting in the beginning of Dec. If you get an invite from #3, then your chances are close to 70% of getting in. Judging by previous years, if you get an invite during the first week or two you are close to 100%.

Hopefully I wil get great news before all the R2 deadlines so I will save a bunch of money with applying. I am still unsure about my top school. I know which one it should be but I think if I get into multiple schools, I will end up visiting admit weekends before making the decision. A couple schools I may know by Christmas and if I get one acceptance I wont even bother applying to R2 schools, since I aimed high and for my top 3 during R1.

As of right now I am probably going to be doing 3 schools for R2. One was my safety school and thats still there. One we originally weren't keen on but the careers for the wife are great in the area, cost of living is good, and its a great school that is easier than all my R1 schools. #4 from R1 may or maynot happen. We are really going to have to talk about that this week and make a decision. If I don't apply there I think I will go for another school that I originally cut out because of the number of applications I wanted to do.

Its interesting talking to other applicants who are all stressing over getting the H/W/S invites. They are starting to roll out and people put so much pressure on themselves for these. I am glad I didn't apply to any of them. None had any appeal to me outside of Stanford and that is nearly impossible to get into. It is so much work for each application, that why through away all that time for a school that is so much work to apply to...especially since I didn't feel like they were the right fit for me. Then again if I wanted to get into private equity or hedge funds that might have made a difference.