Friday, December 28, 2007

End of a big year.

So in just a year I went from getting my GMAT official guide #11 to being admitted to my top one of my top two schools. I found out right before Christmas I did not get into the University of Chicago GSB. I am not too bothered by this at all, it was my third choice of the three I ended up applying to. Surprisingly I applied there because I thought I would have a better chance of getting in there than my other R1 schools. The other two are pretty much equal, both have their huge advantages so if I end up getting into the only one I am waiting for it will be a tough decision. Though I am definitely leaning one way, I just need to convince the Mrs. since she is leaning towards the other.

It is nice to have one acceptance, the last month has been great. Getting such an early acceptance has really taken a lot of stress out of the whole process. Especially since it was one of my two top choices, and I am excited with the prospect of going there. We are now planning our trip to admitted students weekend in February, it will be fun meeting future classmates and seeing some people that I have met during the application process.

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